Ready to Eat

In essence, we are synonymous with great food

At Hegner AsiaConnect and Sri Manisan, we know that without good ingredients, there can be no great cooking or extraordinary recipes. So simple, but true.

While our customers are very appreciative of the quality of our products, we know that there is more to sales than just a quality product in decent packaging at the right price.

Specific product knowledge and understanding of origin, processing, ingredients and much more are also essential. In addition, one must possess a certain flair, a passion for food, something we have in abundance.

We offer the whole range: fresh cream and mouthwatering cheeses, finest jams, artisanal pasta, crabmeat, caviar and many hard-to-find small speciality items such as aged vinegar, truffles, hand-selected spices and much more.

Beerenberg 2 products
Dodoni 4 products
Fage 6 products
Frico 4 products
ILE De FRANCE 8 products
Mariani 4 products
Pascual 4 products
Soreen 1 products
Van De Meulen 4 products
Yumis 4 products

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